Temple History

Shri Mohan, the founder of ‘Shri Ragavendra Brindavan Mahathanapuram’ was seeking employment in abroad for five years and after the failure he started his life as an auto driver. In the year 1986 ‘Shri Somaiajulu Bhagavathar’ a true devotee of Rama, advised him to visit manthralayam. He eagerly visited Manthralayam and performed three days ‘Sangalpa Seva’.

After the return from Manthralayam he noticed a good development in his life and then he was married with Smt.Bhuvana in the year of 1997. In the same year he offered Annadhanam on ‘Rama Navami’and from that instance he decided to offer Annadhanam every Thurday in the name of Sri Guru Ragavendra.

When Shri Mohan conveyed his wish about offering Annadhanam Shri Manamadurai Sethuraman donated Rs 501 and also asked him to contact Shri Vijayendran at Chennai.

Both Shri Vijayendran and Shri Mohan met ‘Bejawar Mutt Swamigal‘ and Swamigal encouraged Mohan’s interest and fixed a date 02.02.1998 to establish Shri Ragavendra Brindavan at Mahathanapuram. After his return to Mahathanapuram, with the help of his wife’s jewels started constructing ‘Mani Mandapam’ and established Shri Ragavendra Brindavan on 2.2.1998.

KaariyaSiththi Sri Ragavendra at Mahathanapuram offers shrine and blessing to all devotees. The special blessings from KaariyaSiththi Sri Ragavendra make the devotees finish their all kinds of work at time.

Shri Ragavendra Sai Baba Shrine was inaugurated on March 24th 2010. The Sai Baba Shrine was named as Shri Ragavendra Sai and this shrine is present in Shri Ragavendra Temple.

Also in the Premises of Shri Ragavendra Brindavan, Shri Sanjeevi Anjeneyar Sannathi was established on 26.06.2001 and Shri Vishnu Durga Devi Sannathi on 20.06.2003. Again Shri Lakshmi Narashimhar Sannathi was established on 01.02.2007 and Shri Haiyagreevar and Shri Poovaraghavar Sannathi was established recently on 09.12.2009.

Shri Mohan experienced many Miracles in his life. His wife as a thyroid patient had problem in giving birth to a child. They prayed Shri Ragavendra Swamigal for a child nearly 4 years. Finally Shri Ragavendra Swamigal blessed them with a male child in the year of 2002. Shri Mohan is continuing his devotional service and also developing Brindavan.

Now a days he has started Annadhanam offering every Thursday Morning, Afternoon & Evening Pooja including Ekhadasi. Sri Ragavendra Swamigal offers blessings to the devotes in their every moment of life.